A week of learning and fun experiences

I had a fantastic week this past week.

Monday I headed into HOMTV and ended up slightly busier than I had imagined, and it was great!

I wrote a story for Meridian Magazine and I switched some things around on my latest story so it could air in this weeks upcoming show.

Monday, I also got to watch a segment I did for Ballot Meridian, which turned out quite well. It gave me some extra practice with the teleprompter which I always love because it seriously is hard to make it look like your NOT reading from a screen.


Moving right into my eventful Tuesday.

This week I was lucky enough to head to Detroit with The Chippewa Sports Network to interview Central Michigan’s head football coach Dan Enos and two of the teams players.

Tuesday night my boss and I ventured into the heart of downtown Detroit to find something yummy. Originally we ventured out to find Indian food, since we both discovered that we secretly love Indian music, but Todd had never ate Indian so I insisted he tried it.

Long story short, the GPS brought us to a bank where this Indian restaurant supposedly was.

Story of my life, GPS’s literally do not work. That’s my own fault for being lazy and not using a real map.

Anyway, Tuesday night dinner ended up being really good. I got some veggie wrap thing, but of course this isn’t a food blog so why am I telling you the details of my life that you don’t care to know.

After dinner we headed to the Marriot hotel and stopped at the MAC retreat. It was nice. Too many men. We need more women in the sports industry! Anyhow, not only was the food great, the view was AMAZING both from the 75 floor restaurant to my 42 floor room.

10487341_10152271234321314_4912518359843952110_n 10325366_10152272618426314_6332993220891092709_n10268478_10152282635926314_2066530657235246063_n

Wednesday was the big day, filled with a lovely breakfast at Ford Field with the top MAC players and their coaches. It was awesome reporting next to Fox 2, Wood TV 8, 9&10 News, you name it! I did three stand-ups and then interviewed CMU’s head coach and two players. It was really fun, and it was a great learning experience. I can only go up from here!

Check out the video here, it turned out great!

Thursday morning I headed back into HOMTV to start my story on Election Training Day. I got my interviews, my footage, and performed my stand-up all in the same day and finished my story. But of course Eric Ripper and I couldn’t have a normal day at HOMTV, so we decided to take a photoshoot with the camera light. It didn’t turn out too well, we look silly.


My latest story on election training is on the Homtv website right here Check it out!


As for this weekend I visited my mother in Byron Center, it was great relaxing and spending time with family.

That’s it for now, heading into the station tomorrow for another busy day, Yippy!

Thanks for reading.


About ericafrancisnews

My name is Erica Francis. I am a student at Central Michigan University looking to live out my dream as a news reporter. I grew up in Holland Michigan, but I have traveled the world. My favorite quote "Dreams don't work unless you do" Motivated. Dedicated. Hardworking. Lover. RiskTaker I won't stop until I reach the top. Lover of singing, dancing, acting, interviewing, and smiling. Past intern at --- City of Holland TV 95.3 WCFX Mt. Pleasant Fox 2 News Ignition Media Group Next stop....L.A
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