As the Internship Continues

Last Monday (6/14) I found out that I will be one of the hosts in the upcoming entertainment show. I helped my co-intern Daniella with her stand up, and did some shots for her.


I also found some shots for my promotional video on traffic safety. I also went out and shot a few items that would be discussed at the town meeting.

But the Thursday of last week had to have been my favorite of all. I did a little segment, out on the street. I had two camera people and I went out and asked about six different groups about different questions. Some of the questions I asked ranged from toys from the 90’s, such as ferbies and game boy’s up to who would be playing in the World Cup that Sunday. All of the different reactions to the questions were all pretty funny.


I’ve also been able to direct some of the meetings and I’m really enjoying that.


I really like telling people to get ready for certain shots and what I would like next.

The other week we had the show Open Line run, and it was quite different then the other shows we’ve done. The first night I was supposed to do graphics but Erin took over for some reason, so I didn’t really get to anything the rest of the time. The next night I was able to contribute and I was able to do the audio portion. That part was difficult at first but I easily picked up on what to do and I did great the rest of the time.

This week, I took most of my time editing my man on the street promo. It turned out pretty well in my opinion.  We also filmed the first episode of the Entertainment show.  I hope we have more planning ahead of this one, as it was kinda just throw together the day of.


I also went out with Chance and helped film for a Sports section. So we filmed part of this football teams practice while we also shot some interviews with some of the key players.

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