Goosfraba… Goosfraba…

For anyone who has watched the movie “Anger Management” and got the underlying joke to the title, you’re welcome :).

The past few weeks have been rather stressful, and it’s nice to see it all coming to a steady level.

So many things took my life through a loop of chaos, and it’s finally nice to have it all calm down.

First, I had to move completely out of my apartment in Mount Pleasant, and with my hectic schedule, naturally I hadn’t packed a single thing and had two days  to do so.

Then, connecting with interviewee’s became a challenge, and I learned that being persistent will pay off, even if it happens to be 9:30 a.m. on the Friday before the story is due.

But this all is what makes broadcasting exciting, right?

My answer would be yes, and as if this internship hasn’t prepped me enough I was being thrown into yet another real life reporters situation.

You see, my story was a feature on a Senator for the state and given the time of trying to contact them, they weren’t in session; which left me desperate for a lead into a story.

I called the main office, I called the media rep., I left countless numbers of voice mails and sent emails and nothing fell in place.

Then I decided to venture over to the Senator’s office and see if I could grab an interview with her really quick.

I left the Capitol a little discouraged, and attempted to get as much b-roll as possible to come up with a creative twist to the story.

The next day:

I received a call and it was the Senator’s media representative. I finally was able to get an interview set up and went to her house Friday morning.

That day everything went smooth sailing; the interview, the discussion and the guy who scheduled the interview said that he would be willing to let me into some of the rooms in the Capitol so I could get footage for my story.

Hearing this made me incredibly happy, so I got back to the station, uploaded the footage I had, got an oil change on the car and texted the rep. to meet up.

Having someone willing to help me out, and get footage of not only her office, but the Senate meeting room made me extremely happy.

This was the cherry on top that I needed for my story.

When I left the station Friday night, I had a feeling of satisfaction, and came to the realization that persistence is key.

Not everyone is going to turn you down or get annoyed about you asking. Sometimes, people are willing to help you out in any way they possibly can. I learned this, and in the past I have been worried to annoy a contact, and worried that someone wouldn’t be willing to help me out. In this case, I was proven wrong and I am so thankful for that.

Which brings me to today. I came in to HOMTV a little after 4 p.m. and went to go shoot my stand up on the back stairway to the Capitol. Although I had to battle a thunderstorm and strong winds, I found a dry area, shot my stand-up and now am here writing this blog. Below is a photo to document my struggle with the weather today, but every bit of it was rewarding to me.


Until next time…





About Jordanne Jaskiw

Michigander Gone SoCal, Associate Producer on "Botched S3," "Botched by Nature" and "Botched: Post-Op S2." Recently engaged to an amazing human and my family is absolutely incredible. Catalina Island is my 2nd home and enjoying my life to the fullest.
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