How TV is like a game of paintball.

If you are expecting the usual “oh I worked so hard. blah. I’m stressed out. blah. blah” this is not the blog for you.

Here goes my long winded metaphor on taking chances(or at least being proactive) and why it is a good thing.

Lunch Break

In paintball, you often times get into “50/50’s” or bunker battles with people. These are a waste and no one wins anything. Also, TAKING territory and MAKING moves is the name of the game. You have two choices, move up and fight for what you want, or sit back and waste TMP (time, money, and paint) while someone else makes their move. If you don’t make it, big deal, re-insert and go in knowing you at least tried to make a play. Taking what you want and making it happen is key in life and in the games.


In life and this crazy industry (media) that I inhabit, those same virtues appear to hold true. One could simply sit and wait for stories, and even have the gall “big-time” the proposed one. I simply do not work like that. Embrace every opportunity and your haters: impress them with your next move. To win the “game” you’ve got to get dirty and maybe even strike out a couple times, the point is that you got what you came for. Bottom line: Everyone likes solutions, no one likes excuses. Excuses lead to losses. Solutions lead to victories.


At some point in day two of my paintball tournament I literally had an “ah-ha” moment on the field. I had two options, sit and wait (possibly getting shot in the process) or make a move that could win the team the game (while certainly getting shot). I opted for the winning option. Several welts later, I still feel it was a good decision even though it hurt at the time.

the dish

Moral of the story, life only presents you with so many opportunities so I implore you not to waste them. In the event you are in a “50/50” with something, make the bold move and enjoy the results.


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