The Calm before the Ballot Meridian

Even with shooting every night, and a few assignments of my own, last week followed suit of the week before by feeling suspiciously calm and slow. No cramming to finish four assignments, no staying until 11pm to shoot a township board meeting, no running out hectically to film a roll-in that is due the same day it is assigned.

It’s quiet…Too quiet.

Now the tide has receded back 100 yards and little fishies are flopping on the sand as we begin to receive emails and hear from the staff about how next week is going to go down.


A full week of election coverage that will definitely put the intern crew through it’s paces. But we shall rise and stand our ground against this seemingly unstoppable force. We will overcome.

A day may come when the courage of interns fail, but it is not this day.

But first, let me post a selfie…




photo (5)


About afrankfort1

Alex is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a focus in Creative Writing. Equipped with a background/education in analytics, grammar, and public speaking, he also has a passion for storytelling (in any medium). During his time at HOMTV, Alex hopes to gain a proficient knowledge of production, camera work, and broadcasting.
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