I love deadlines… <– Election Night

Election Night was the longest and best shift I had at HOMTV. Talking about teamwork and qualities!


As the night got longer, and people got tired & dehydrated (adding drama), I……I saw……Bryan’s spirit smiling at me……!!! BOO!!! (After taking behind-the-scene photos for hours, I thought I’d run out of ideas…That’s why there’s this Ghost photo! <– The importance of pushing myself to be creative.)

After Election Night, I have to say that I love deadlines. Driving around different locations and getting photos (yaaay!) of various (heart-pumping) events and people wasn’t the best part, the most exciting part was rushing back to the station or where there is internet access (wi-fi please!) and insert SD card –> select photos –> edit if needed (you know, too much awareness on the faces) –> post post post send send sent!


When the internet in the intern room gets slow(er)…(probably because there’s too much uploading going on) = SWeAV

THE MOMENT when all photos are uploaded and organized neatly = Success-Kid


Communication with the Social Media Team (Camara, Coty, Alex, Andrea) made everything easier.

I can’t believe the semester is towards its end…I haven’t covered all the parks in Meridian Township (yup, all 900 acres of them) and make infographics for each and every one…

Here at HOMTV I got to try something new with every assignment, posting on social media with different styles, taking photos at different angles, promoting different pages…It’s an opportunity full of opportunities.

Still got two weeks left with this family.



O…kay…Maybe THIS family!

family ummm



homtv gang


Third post of the Semester, hmmm… XD


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