Only Rookies Take Pictures of Themselves on TV



Curtis Hertel, Jr.’s campaign party

Tonight, Marlee Delaney and I, covered the election results at Beggar’s Banquet with Democratic candidates, Curtis Hertel, Jr., Deb Nolan and Sam Singh. It was very exciting rushing back and forth between HOMTV and Beggar’s Banquet to drop off some of our interview footage so the editors could edit it and quickly put it on the air. By the time we got back to Beggar’s Banquet after dropping off our first interview footage to be edited, we saw ourselves on TV. Like the rookies that we still are, we took pictures of it.

Curtis Hertel, Jr.

Curtis Hertel, Jr.

Marlee and I worked awesome together shooting each other’s interviews and making sure we were prepared with our questions to ask. We played off of each other so well and definitely were a great team. Here’s some pictures from our night:

We are still not done with our election coverage, but should be wrapping up shortly. It’s been a long night, but well worth it. I’m thankful for this opportunity and experience.

On-air reporting

On-air reporting

Marlee Delaney and I


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Allison Scott is a recent Michigan State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. She spent two years at the community college in her hometown of Muskegon before transferring to MSU and declaring a major in elementary education. Halfway through her first semester of teacher education courses, she changed her major to journalism with a focus in electronic news. She took three years of broadcast classes in high school and realized that was the career she should pursue. She hopes to be a host or anchor at a large market TV station preferably in entertainment.
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