What a week this turned into at HOMTV. Between Monday and Tuesday night I worked 34 hours whether it was reporting, editing or answering the phones on a crazy election night.

Election night itself was an amazing experience. I woke up at 6 a.m in order to cover early morning voters which went better than I expected. I followed that by editing my stories that were to air that night. I kept finding things to fix which was quite frustrating being on deadline.

Once our coverage began at 8 p.m I was exhausted but I had the important job of keeping in contact with our field reporters while they were at different locations throughout Michigan.

family ummm The coolest moment was when a co-intern, Erica Francis called in right after a candidate declared victory. We had to act fast, but through the power of Skype we aired his acceptance speech live.

It was a long night for all the interns, but we got through it and I know we are all better for it.

ZBA Story PicThe rest of the week was less eventful by default. I covered a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting and decided to cover the opening of the Apple store.

Apple Store TeaserOutside of HOMTV I got my final exam done for my last college class (hopefully ever) and got all settled into my new apartment.

The fact that this internship ends in just a few days is surreal and I can’t begin to describe how amazing it has been. I have learned so much, but I know that I still have a bunch of room to grow.


I’ll save all the thank you’s and shout outs for my final blog post of the summer semester. At the moment I still have more work to do.



About homtvdan

I am a recent Michigan State University graduate and aspiring journalist. Sports are my true passion and I hope to one day achieve a career in sports journalism or entertainment. Before that though, I have to perfect my skills which I work at each and every day.
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