There’s no better way to start my final blog than from the very beginning of this summer semester:

May 12, 2014


My reporter picture

This was the very first day of our internship. We were told to dress nice because we were going to be getting our pictures taken. You wouldn’t believe how long it too me to pick out this outfit and to do my hair. Unfortunately, I don’t like my hair in this picture.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on the first day, but I was glad when I saw several familiar faces. Many of the other interns were from Michigan State University and had been in one or more of my journalism courses.

The next few weeks consisted of workshops to learn the basics of everything: EZ News, FibreJet, Final Cut Pro, cameras, lighting, audio, setting up for meetings, etc. These workshops were sometimes long and seemed repetitive, but I’m glad we had the refresher because when we were thrown into each job, I had a mini panic attack.

June 4, 2014

This was my first time live reporting at the Township Board meeting. I was the first intern to live report this semester. We had our hiccups that night, but our cues/reporting got better throughout the semester.

I also had difficulty trying to pick out what to wear this night:

I went with the royal blue dress.

When I watch the video of me reporting, I get embarrassed. I’m glad I can look back at myself and see the progress I’ve made this semester. Here’s a refresher:

My First Assignment

My first assignment was on the sanitary sewer system project. I messed up the audio of my very first interview. Immediately following the interview, I asked Rob why it sounded bad. I plugged the cords in the correct spots, I turned the audio up, but for some reason it sounded bad. Rob showed me that something on the camera was selected when it shouldn’t have been.

I’m thankful for my mistakes because I am able to learn from them and grow. Check out my very first story and see if you can hear the audio mistake:

I also didn’t like my outfit for my stand-up. It looked cute in person, but not for reporting on television.

June 23, 2014


Hosts and reporters for Meridian Magazine

My first time live reporting in the studio was for Meridian Magazine on the new fire station bid process. I wore the navy blue dress that didn’t make the cut for my live reporting on June 4.

I’m very stiff in this video. I wasn’t comfortable straying from the script on the teleprompter. I’ve learned that it’s okay to ad-lib and go with the flow. I wish I would’ve shown my personality more, but like previously stated, I learned from this mistake too.

June 27, 2014

In the studio getting ready to film Beyond the Badge

I was given the opportunity to host the July episode of Beyond the Badge. I didn’t stray from the teleprompter much either. It wasn’t until after filming this that I was told that I need to loosen up, not be so stiff, use my hands more, smile and show my personality. Critiques that I wish I would’ve heard earlier, so I could’ve improved on my on-camera presence.

I do like my outfit and lipstick in this. I wasn’t originally going to wear this. I had on a royal blue shirt because I didn’t know that this was filmed in front of the blue screen which made me have a floating head.

July 3, 2014

This day was my first time covering a breaking news story. I went with Aaron Jordan and Eric Ripper to cover the bomb threat at MSU’s Spartan Stadium. When police finally gave the “all clear,” we decided to take some time to record mock stand-ups.

Although this happened to be a false alarm, I felt like a true reporter out covering the news because several other news stations were there too.

My Final Two Stories

These next two videos are of the stories that I am most proud of. I felt like I took all the skills I learned throughout the semester and all the lessons from my mistakes, and effectively creative good stories.

August 6, 2014

This was the date of the primary election. Marlee Delaney and I were sent to Beggar’s Banquet in East Lansing to interview four democratic candidates. This was quite the experience. We started work at 5:30 p.m. and wrapped up around 1 a.m. I was nervous and messed up my stand-up outcues, but it was definitely an experience that I’m glad I was given at this internship.

Here are just a few of the videos from that night:

Semester Wrap-up

This semester has flown by. I was given so many awesome opportunities to put my reporter abilities to good use. I learned many valuable lessons on how to shoot, edit and write better stories.

HOMTV interns

HOMTV interns and staff

I’m thankful for all the people that I’ve met and the connections/friendships that I have now. I only knew a few people on my first day of this internship, but as this internship comes to an end, I feel as though I personally know most of the other interns.

HOMTV provides the greatest, hands-on experience for people interested in going into broadcasting. I am extremely blessed to have been chosen as a reporting intern. I was able to make a reporter demo reel that will help me get my first job. Without this internship, I wouldn’t have had most of the clips that are added in it. This demo reel ties up most of my reporting experiences at HOMTV, you can check it out for yourself:

I no longer am describing each week as “stressful.” I feel that with the end of the internship being so close (tomorrow), the only fitting word is “bittersweet.” My classes for this semester are done. I graduated and will be receiving my diploma in the mail in a few weeks. I moved out of my apartment in East Lansing. Chandler Crossings was my home-away-from-home for the past two years. I was blessed to have three awesome roommates this year and I will miss seeing them everyday. Three months seemed like forever when I was busy doing homework, taking tests and doing story assignments, but it honestly went by so fast.

I’m ready for the next adventure in my life, whatever that may be.


About allisonrscott

Allison Scott is a recent Michigan State University graduate with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. She spent two years at the community college in her hometown of Muskegon before transferring to MSU and declaring a major in elementary education. Halfway through her first semester of teacher education courses, she changed her major to journalism with a focus in electronic news. She took three years of broadcast classes in high school and realized that was the career she should pursue. She hopes to be a host or anchor at a large market TV station preferably in entertainment.
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