The end of one chapter. Time to turn the page…

Hello everyone. Been a couple weeks since I last posted a blog, but man have I been busy. I am here today because this week was the final week of my rookie semester here at HOMTV. Tuesday was my final day. This summer has been a roller coaster from start to finish, and so many avenues have opened up to me since I started this internship.

I joined this internship back in May with the goal to get my internship credit for my college degree, with that credit being the final piece needed to get my Associates in Digital Media. All I can say is I got a lot more then I bargained for at the end.

I came into this internship already knowing some things about the broadcast field, but not having the experience. I can safely say, at the end, I have definitely gained said experience. I have made promos, gathered interviews, broll, worked on studio shows and town board meetings. I have technical directed and directed some of those board meetings, which I would not have thought possible at the beginning of the semester. I do think myself as a leader, but thanks to HOMTV, I feel a lot more comfortable taking the headset and leading the team.

Now as of the last month, I was employed by WILX in Lansing as a News Photographer. My mind is still wondering how the heck that came to be, but thanks to the connections I made at HOMTV and at my other job at LCC, I am now a part time news photographer. The title still feels funny with my name attached to it.

One more thing. The most important part I will take from the HOMTV internship is the people. My fellow interns. You guys including myself all came into this internship wide eyed, nervous, and clueless on what was to come. At the end, I can gladly say you are all awesome and talented and the world does not know what it has coming. It was the greatest pleasure to work with each and every one of you, and if you decided to return to HOMTV this following semester as a junior, I hope to see you there.

Thats right, even though I am working at WILX, I was invited to come back to HOMTV, and I will gladly accept that offer. I cannot wait to keep learning and keep hanging with some of the coolest people this side of Michigan. 

I hope the future brings the best for all of you. 

With fond farewells and hugs and stuff,

Brandon Wirth


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