Blink and you’ll miss it.


What a ride it has been. Just a few minutes (months) ago I took a step backward to get two steps ahead.  I struggled with the idea of a non paid internship and making the jump to a new medium but I feel like the time spent and money lost were necessary to my growth as a broadcaster. I’ve accepted a small role for the fall and I will be putting the finishing touches on my resume. Hopefully leading to a paying job in a news station or with a major market sports affiliate in the spring.

“The smoothest stones come from the roughest rivers”

I know I’ve got a ways to go but HOMTV and everyone involved has helped me put things into perspective.  I now know more of the direction I want to head and I think that is going to be key to my success.  I enjoy every aspect of this field and sometimes lose focus on where I want to be when new things arise. Thank you, HOMTV (everyone involved)

As for the folks I had the pleasure of sharing the smelly intern room with, thank you and I wish yall nothing but the best.


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23. Aspiring Journalist. Reporter for ESPN100.9 Engineer for IMG College. Sports. Family. Friends. Food. Travel. Blog Topics: Main - Sport 1st Alternate: Travel 2nd - Food
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