It’s like I live here.

Seriously! At least for the past week! I’d spent over 12 hours since this past Sunday at HOMtv. But of course, there was not one regret being here.

As the last day of this summer internship comes to a close, I spend my last hours working on the final intern promo. Lauren, Mengxiao and I are still here, on a Friday, having been up all night. The birds are chirping, the sun is up, and Kristy is in. I am proud to say, THAT WE HAVE FINISHED. With Lauren being such a dedicated worker, our promo is finished! It only took me four hours to edit…. a 2 and a half minute credit ending! Feeling sleep deprived at this point but my brain is still alert thanks to those two cups of coffee!

This past week has been amazing. I’ve worked on TDing Meridian Magazine, directed AND TDed a whole night of Meridian Live, finished my graphics for All Access, and of course, was asked to come back. (YAY ME!) But unfortunately, I won’t be back at HOMtv until the spring. Honestly, I am too tired to upload any photos this week but I will share links to my stuffffffff.

Well, it only took me all week to upload to youtube, but here’s the awesome video we worked so hard on! ENJOY!!


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