Rookie Plus

As juniors we’re supposed to feel like we have this whole internship thing down. It shouldn’t be hard to interpret Brandie’s slugs, we shouldn’t have technical issues with our packages, and we should feel calm when stepping in front of a camera for a live shot… RIGHT?

Not quite.

I for one know that anything great comes with time. Baby steps. For some, we grew up hearing ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ and that’s exactly what I’ve learned these past weeks returning to HOMTV.

I’ve made a few embarrassing rookie mistakes, shoved my foot in my mouth a couple times, pulled a couple all-nighters at the station and basically lost my sanity. I’ve jumbled over live shots, destroyed my audio, shot a dark interview and even saved my package to the Macintosh drive — rookie mistakes.

Just because we jumped status to junior doesn’t mean that we have this reporting thing down. Yes, I’m much better than I was months ago but I’m nowhere close to the reporter I want to be.

I still need to embarrass myself a little more, learn how to deal with the stress of interviews falling though, and figure out how to get rid of those nervous jitters I get before going live.

And lucky for me, this internship gives me the ability to do so. Despite the headaches I probably give staff sometimes, I am a firm believe of slow and steady wins the race. A lot goes into this career path and I do believe that I have what it takes. But for now, I’m still learning.

Here is my latest package. It’s not terrible but there are still some rookie mistakes in there. Baby Steps. Enjoy.


About jonesapril92

April Jones is a senior at Michigan State studying broadcasting journalism. She aspires to be an entertainment and or political reporter in her near future. In her free time, she enjoys attending concerts with her friends, baking, and anything outdoors. Her dream would be to convince The Rolling Stone that they need her to start an on-air entertainment show featuring her. Eventually she would love to host her own daytime show. "All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney.
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