Long Overdue update

So folks, how’s it going? I hope you’re excited about reading new HOMtv updates from a fresh junior and alumni intern. These blogs are an opportunity to chronically look back on all the stuff I’ve lived through (PRIMARY ELECTIONS) and reflect. So my last assignment was editing the final touches of  “The Interns” project, and already a new episode has been proposed, and my reaction is still


Oh my god… this blog just became October and Gene Wilder related at the SAME TIME.

I’m hoping to make this next one even better because I’ll be trying to be stricter on delegating roles to whoever volunteers to make this one happen. My goal is to hopefully find 2-3 editors, or maybe one good one, so dividing up the editing of scenes will go a lot quicker. I LOVE ALL MY CREATIONS. Even though sometimes they nearly kill me… Guess that’s why I’m production?

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