So Many Firsts, So Little Time!

Hello family, friends, and Meridian Township residents!

Since my first news package is done and turned in to HOMtv I thought it was the perfect time to release my first blog post!

Where to begin… Well let’s just say that when the Junior and previous interns said that HOMtv would encompass my life, they weren’t kidding.

The first few weeks consisted of the different workshops where the rest of the interns and I were trained on reporting, shooting, editing, social media, audio, and various other things.

At HOMtv they really stress the importance of being a well rounded reporter, and while I might have come in lacking some of the technical skills, and I still have much much room to grow, I feel that I am already developing my reporting skills.

My first story was about the new OK2SAY program launched by the Attorney General. I also had a short explainer about voting registration and absentee ballots. There were definitely a few bumps on the road to turning in my first assignments, but hey, experience is the best teacher right?

I am learning something new every day and while sometimes the long hours and occasional stress get a bit overwhelming, its something I have to get used to in order to work in this field.

The other day I had my first live shot in studio, that was different but it was a lot of fun!

Live Shot - Meridian Magazine

Live Shot – Meridian Magazine

Apart from the abundance of knowledge and real world experience I am gaining I am also gaining a group of very awesome friends.

The rookie intern group has made being at HOMtv everyday that much more fun. The constant jokes and laughter might get old to a few of our very gracious instructors ( I do apologize Brandie, Rob, and Darkus) and some of the Junior interns might think we’re a little crazy ( we are) but I am glad that we all became so tight so quickly.

There is only one problem with the Junior and Rookie interns, they are ruthless with your Facebook. I have left it open twice and both times someone has posted a status. I accept my fault in leaving it logged on, but to anyone reading this… expect no mercy from me if I stumble upon your social media. Other than that though I love all of y’all!

Rookie Interns!

Rookie Interns!

Currently I’m working on a story regarding the Deer Management program which starts October 1st and the Paul Peterson Memorial going on this weekend.  I am excited to see how the rest of the semester goes and to watch myself and the news stories I produce improve.

To see what I am doing day to day follow me on twitter @homtvmiguel and like my facebook fan page “HOMTV Miguel Martinez-Valle”

Until next time!

– Miguel Martinez-Valle

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