Summer is Overrated

Let me tell you about summer, you pessimists. You gloomy gloomers and debbie downers. I hear a rumor that our interns at HOMTV are a bit tired and depressed. Some of that has to do with summer being over.

Well let me tell you something. Summer drags on and on. It’s hard to be productive when the sun is so hot and the air is so humid. There’s an abundance of free time, which means more time to do nothing. Summer is so long and boring. Aside from family gatherings and trips to the lake, I’m glad to wave it goodbye. SEE YA SUN BURNS. GOODBYE MOSQUITOES. Here’s why you interns should stop trying to re-staple leaves to the trees and actually embrace this awesome new season.


You know what’s great about October? Paying homage with garlands around my front door. October beer. The trip to the cider mill. Pumpkin donuts and cider. macintosh apples. Breathing in the crisp air and blue sky. Carving pumpkins. The maple leaves as they blush red and fall to the ground. Halloween. Scary movies. Here’s a scary movie. Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1931.


So cheer up interns. Halloween comes but once a year. Let’s make this semester even more productive than the last one. Juniors, we actually know how to do stuff now. Rookies, you’ll have this E-z news and Fiberjet down lickity split. Just don’t think about it. You’ll get everything done, even though it seems impossible. The best way to do it is to hunker down and get busy. That’s my philosophy. Elections will be over with soon enough, then from there on it’s just regular stuff. Now breathe, smile and look outside! IT’S FALL, and if you don’t savor it, it’ll be gone already. Then you’ll be sorry!

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