The beginning of the end…

It’s so weird to think that this is my last semester of college.  With that being said, I think it is also the most hectic one that I’ve ever had and it’s only just over a month in.  This internship with my classes and jobs might actually kill me but we’ll hope for a better ending than that.

People definitely weren’t lying when they told me that this internship is demanding and beyond time-consuming.  Even though it is both of those things, and more, it is also awesome to be able to work with other people who love this field as much as I do.  Also, it’s nice being able to talk to people who understand my struggle, because it is real.

Thankfully the juniors have been super patient and understanding.  Each one of you are a gem in my book for not hating me yet because of all of my questions and reassurances that I continue to bug you with.  If one thing is certain it is that FibreJet is the most confusing thing I have encountered in my 22 years of existence.  I still have to triple check with my little notes that I took to make sure that I’m mounting things right and reading/writing the right drives.

Thank sweet baby J for redbull, aka my life saver, because without it I would be even more unpleasant, and no one wants that.  HOMTV has pretty much become my third home up here at school and it feels like I’m never actually home because I’m constantly working on something.  I think my favorite part of this internship, so far, is all of the live production that we do.  I absolutely love live multi-cam productions and this is up my alley.  I’m hoping to eventually tackle the technical director board here, it’s just currently intimidating to me.

This week I did my first story (VO/SOT/VO) and it was quite hectic.  Trying to get a hold of the person I interviewed took quite a bit of persistence but luckily it paid off and he was incredibly nice and understanding.  It’s a bit overwhelming trying to do all of the things associated with a story.  I hope that it becomes easier, at least more understandable, over time and with more experience.  Somehow the juniors survived their rookie semester so it has to at least be possible.



^^This is a junior intern having to explain FibreJet and SocialNewsDesk to me… again.

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