Debates, Memorials, and Huntin’

Hello/ Hola,

Miguel here for blog post numero dos.

My week has been busy busy busy, but the stories went a lot smoother than they did last week. Well, until a rookie mistake messed it all up.

Let’s start with the debates. With the general elections around the corner the HOMTV interns had to work camera, audio, or any other position for political debates and interviews. I feel myself getting more and more confident with my technical skills…

Highlight: As always hanging out with my lovely group of HOMies was the best part of the day! Prior to one of the debates we even had a photo-op. Rob pretended he didn’t enjoy my impressive selfie technique but I know it was all a show, he loved it.

10415554_10204800399995675_6416888910659440786_n 10574523_10205049512781056_3129058180481522224_n 10635911_10205050660369745_661196781105601221_n

Saturday morning I had to wake up bright and early to cover the Paul Peterson Memorial. While I started off my day tired it was really cool to see his friends and family gathered around. Also, because the tournament was cancelled I learned that stories always change, and you have to roll with the punches.

Highlight: Seeing his family and their reaction to the memorial.

Hunting – Anyone who knows me and knew I had to cover a story about hunting knew I was going to be a little out of my element. Still the story was interesting and I think I got some pretty cool footage. The only problem, I thought I uploaded the interview I had with one of the hunters, turns out I didn’t, and I had already formated the tapes by the time I realized this. So I have to go back and re-spin my story so it only works with one interview. I guess I need to be more careful, but again rolling with the punches this is a learning experience.

Highlight: I think I am getting the hang of this social media business?

Anyways… That was my week, keep updated on my happenings and such.

Adios, Amigos!

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