Another Day… Another Lost Dollar

Well it is bright and early on a Monday morning, and I am just hanging out at HOMTV.

Mid-terms are coming up for school and I’ve got to say, the stress level is nearing that “ten” sooner than expected.

Knowing this is my last semester, and thinking ahead to the spring already has me stressing about a job. It doesn’t help that Southern California has been on my mind 90% of my days.

Which has me thinking about this internship. Although losing money to gas every week has me stressed about funding, it is nice to be able to continue practicing my reporting and anchoring to turn around a better demo tape.

I’m a few short months away from having to enter the real world, and time is running out.

But off to a random change in conversation…

This weekend I was able to take my mind off of things and enjoy my time for CMU’s Homecoming weekend.

I was able to see a few friendly faces of some people I care about and a few would be below. Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.45.19 AM

Meet Donnie to the left and Danny to the right.

These two lovely people are making moves towards their dreams and have/will  be leaving the lovely Mitten State. There are too many hilarious memories with these two, and I cannot wait to join the West Coast with them.

Any time I reconnect with old friends, and thinking about this final semester, it has me reminiscing on the good ol’ college days, and saddens me that it all has to come to an end.

To Donnie and Danny, I will always quote Miss New York, American Horror Story and The Most Popular Girls in School because of you.



About Jordanne Jaskiw

Michigander Gone SoCal, Associate Producer on "Botched S3," "Botched by Nature" and "Botched: Post-Op S2." Recently engaged to an amazing human and my family is absolutely incredible. Catalina Island is my 2nd home and enjoying my life to the fullest.
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