I have a problem, a huge problem, a MASSIVE problem… My favorite fall tv shows have started and I don’t have enough time to watch them!

The time I am spending at school and HOMTV have really cut into my personal tv watching time. I luckily was able to watch the premier of American Horror Story: Freak Show, but I may no be so lucky next week.

I am getting really into How to Get Away with Murder,

and to top it off The Newsroom is coming back in November! I LOVE THE NEWSROOM.

This is not even mentioning the shows I love but can skip without feeling like my life isn’t complete. I am talking about Modern Family, The Mindy Project, and SNL.

Sidenote: If you also love AHS, or The Newsroom, lets talk about it. We can be friends. I love talking about them!

Anyways, I may soon have to give up sleep or my friends in order to fit these shows on top of school and the internship…

Wish me luck!

– Miguel Martinez-Valle 

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