Great Accomplishments, Great(er) Expectations

Election week ahead. From what I’ve gathered, this is pretty HOMtv’s reaction to it.


The combination of my adoration for work, Michigan State, and sleep haven’t mixed well the last couple weeks. Between the MSU-UM game, HOMtv insanity, and halloween it’s been by far the busiest three weeks of my college career. I’ve done so much and still have so far to go.

Election season ends in two days. For us, it’s only just begun. I’ve been told last year the interns got out around 3am on Tuesday. Only to return to HOM the next day, classes and all. My reaction to that: genuine excitement.

I mean, come on. Isn’t this why we got into this job? Isn’t it why we chose journalism and media & information as majors, as our career path in life? The procrastination, the willpower and resolve to work your best off nothing but adrenaline (and maybe a couple of red bulls) to make what you do, what you strive to be the absolute best? We joke about how what we’re doing isn’t always the most important news stories in the world, how board meetings aren’t on par with covering the super bowl. And now a chance for us to broadcast information that’s important to the viewers of the city we’ve dedicated ourselves to has come around.

And honestly, I couldn’t be more excited. Sure, morale changes a bit in hour eight of election night, when the computers break down and the switcher crashes while Brian and Rob fight over whose fault it is. But in my useless and small opinion, days like those are going to be the most memorable days of our career here at HOMtv.

We’ve accomplished so much since the start of our tenure here. Created news stories, finished promotional pieces, bonded with interns on a Sunday night when we’ve accepted our weekend will end in the intern room instead of our apartment couch. But the biggest challenge comes in a couple days.

And I look forward to every minute of it.


About Richie Cozzolino

Riccardo (Richie) Cozzolino is a Michigan State University graduate with a Journalism degree and a specialization in broadcasting. He is from the Metro Detroit area and graduated from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in 2011. His love of Detroit sports (and sports of all kinds) sparked his interest in sports journalism. He is looking for jobs in sports broadcasting, especially in radio. Hobbies include learning and eating.
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