Why I’m Thankful for Social Media

This Thanksgiving I took a moment to review the things I’m thankful for. Of course the obvious like my health, my loved ones and my dog came to mind. But after a long discussion with my family I found a new item to tack on to my list…social media.

Well, duh I am a social media intern, of course I’m thankful for it. But being raised by people with an entire generation gap made me realize how truly lucky we are.

My grandmother wasn’t able to keep in touch with certain friends after high school and college. Numbers got lost, people moved and you were lucky to run into them. Nowadays they are simply a click away and if I’m in the area of an old friend it becomes quite simple to reconnect.

We also take for granted how quickly we have access to not just local, but worldwide news. Within an instant of a breaking story you can count on dozens of tweets and pictures to be uploaded. Not only are we getting news from networks, social media allows us to get a personal view of the news story from those that are apart of it.

There are tons of people out there eager to point fingers and say our generation has poor social skills and only know how to interact behind a screen. But social media is more than just a time sucker, it is a way to connect our fellow humans and create a global community.


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