Why hello there!

I’m Julie Dunmire, one of the rookie reporting interns this spring. I can’t wait to get to work here at HOMTV! Before I begin reporting on the happenings in Meridian Township, I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

The basics: I’m a Sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in journalism, with a concentration in broadcast. In addition to HOMTV, I’m also a sideline reporter for Big Ten Network Student -U, head of social media for the student organization Sideshow, and an associate producer for MSU’s student run newscast, Focal Point. I know what you’re thinking…yikes. I make it all work with copious amounts of caffeine and keeping my eyes on the prize: being successful in the news world.

The not-so-basics: I’m very close to my family. My mom and I binge watched Parks and Recreation all winter break. If you haven’t started watching it on Netflix yet, you should! I’m a big sister to two of the best guys ever! My brothers are Dale (17) and Steve (14). They will always be my baby brothers, even if they’re a foot taller than me. I love my dog Daisy, and I think we can all agree that Panera bread is the BEST. You can find me there most weekends working on my next big project.

I can’t wait to get started, and get to work. Ever heard the song from Mulan? Lets get down to business…I know you were singing along. I love being busy, and HOMTV is going to be a great place to learn. I’m excited just typing this.

Lets get down to business Monkey Bizness. - Lets get down to business Monkey Bizness.  Financial Advisor Kid


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