Hi I am Qing

Hi. I’m Qing (pronounced as ch-ing) from China. I am a journalism graduate student at Michigan State University.  I have been here for one and a half years, and hopefully will graduate in May 2015. I really like the fresh air and beautiful scenery here, and am impressed with the effort Americans make to protect their environment.   

I have published nine environmental articles on Great Lakes Echo and two international news stories for Capital News Service.

On the train from Chicago to East Lansing

People here are friendly and open-minded. And they are very concerned about public affairs and common welfare.

I love making new friends and go to new places. Up till now, I have been to Los Angeles, San Francisco, East Lansing, Mackinaw, Chicago, New York, Washington DC and Houston.

I am interested in political, cultural and economic issues and current affairs.  I want to become a journalist and produce high quality news stories.

I always share my experiences with my family and friends. My mom said I was her window to the world.

photo (1)

Qing Zhang visiting Columbia University

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