New Kid on the Block

Droze Graduation

Sparty Statue – Michigan State University

Hello there! My name is Rachel, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.

I recently graduated from Michigan State University (Go Green!) with a degree in journalism. For me, graduation came a semester earlier than most, but those three and a half years created some of my most treasured memories.

Droze WXYZ

On set at WXYZ-TV – Southfield, MI

Two summers ago, I was fortunate enough to intern with WXYZ-TV. I learned so many invaluable lessons from such talented people during my internship. One lesson I found most important was that if you decide to go into the news business, you better love the industry because if you don’t, the news business isn’t for you.

Droze London

Buckingham Palace – London, England

Last summer I had another amazing opportunity; I studied abroad in the United Kingdom…Me…In the UK…For five weeks…Prior to that trip, my only adventures outside of United States boarders were to Canada and the Bahamas. Let’s just say that the cultural knowledge I gained from that trip is something that I’ll never forget.

So far, the post-grad life is treating me well. I’m so excited to be at HOMTV where I get to use all that I learned both in school and my internship experiences. Stay tuned for my next post to get an update on how the internship is going.

Until next time ✌


About racheldroze

Rachel Droze recently graduated from Michigan State University where she studied journalism with a concentration in electronic news. Previously, she held an internship with WXYZ-TV in Detroit. Her past summer was spent studying mass media in the United Kingdom. While at HOMTV, she plans to vastly improve her reporting skills while gaining in-the-field experience. Since she grew up in southeast Michigan, she ultimately aspires to be an investigative reporter at a Detroit station.
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