A foundation worth building on

chris ryan

All Access Sports

I get to co-host a sports show, where I choose the content, while collaborating with a great friend.  Sounds pretty good to me. New HOMTV sports reporters Richie Cozzolino and Alex Tekip are just going to add more fuel to the fire.  Can’t wait!

Chance McBride and I are building more chemistry each week.  Ever since we started going off-the-cuff in our third bag, my reporter reel has grown richer with content.  We work well off each other.  We are like macaroni and mayonnaise.  Nothing like it.

Might as well squeeze the juice from this friendship, and see what happens!  I think our show can be very special.  I’m already proud of what we have accomplished already and am more than excited to see what another semester can do.

When I move on in my career, my times at HOMTV will be ones I look fondly on and really cherish.  I guess I am trying to savor the flavor for another couple months.

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