Coming HOM


It’s great to be back in East Lansing and the always wonderful Meridian Township!  I’m looking forward to another wonderful (and busy) semester at HOMTV.  On top of HOMTV, I finished my term on the Eboard of my fraternity and said “oh, I’m not busy enough…” and spur of the moment ran for Philanthropy Chair.  Despite the added responsibility, I’m loving it and have planned some awesome fundraising events for the semester.  I also decided that I needed to put in hours every week practicing an extremely complicated dance routine, so I decided to sign up as one of the 5 guys for the MTV night group for this years Greek Week….  So if you were hoping to see me strut my stuff on stage at the Breslin center, you’re in luck…

This semester at HOMTV is bound to be a good one.  I will be taking the place of the talented Aaron Jordan as host of “Beyond the Badge” as he moves his way up the food chain to become a full time Anchor on “Meridian News Now”, our Monday evening news show.  I’m beyond excited to be a host, and look forward to improving my on camera skills and develop a reel that will help me launch right into my career.

For now, peace out HOMies


About brettkast

I am a junior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Journalism with a specialization in Sports Reporting. I am currently a Reporter at HOMTV, and before that I worked at Impact 89FM Sports, a student run radio station as the Michigan State Baseball beat reporter and Co-Host of the baseball podcast. My dream is to become a Sports Reporter at a local news network and work my way up to ESPN.
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