Guess Who’s Back?

Back again!

Despite my Rookie semester being stressful and difficult, I am back again to take on new challenges as a Junior intern here at HOMtv. The knowledge I gained as a Rookie was so very valuable, I couldn’t pass up the chance to learn new material and take on more responsibilities.

The first couple weeks back have been great. I’m glad to see some of my fellow Juniors back again, and I’m looking forward to working with the new Rookies! However, I am also going into my very stressful final semester at Michigan State. I was only taking one class at MSU my Rookie semester, so going from that to 18 credits is going to be a huge change for me. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to get much better at my time management skills this semester.

Max the Christmas Dog!

Max the Christmas Dog!

As far as catching up goes, I had a wonderful, relaxing break. I got to spend time with my family, I was spoiled on Christmas, and had a great New Year’s with some awesome friends. I also got to see the Spartans get that amazing win at the Cotton Bowl, which was a big deal for our family since my parents are both Baylor alumni. I wasn’t able to go to Dallas with them for the game, but something tells me the tensions might’ve been really high if I did go. The only down side of break was having to leave my other job at Outback, where I have worked for almost six years. I did still get to go to the Christmas Party though, which included an awesome night playing Laser Tag and bouncing in a Trampoline Room!

Outback Christmas Party at ZapZone. I'm not a child, I promise.

Outback Christmas Party at ZapZone. I’m not a child, I promise.

My family's seats at the Cotton Bowl. (I'm still bitter, but Go Green!)

My family’s seats at the Cotton Bowl. I’m still bitter I couldn’t go, but Go Green!

I’ll keep my round-up nice and simple: I’m stoked to be continuing my journey with HOMtv this semester, and I’ll keep you posted on how these next couple months progress!

Until next time.

– Mal


About Mallory DuBose

Mallory DuBose is a senior at Michigan State University studying Media and Information. She enjoys traveling, television and playing lacrosse. After graduation, Mallory hopes to move to New York and dreams of working for NBC.
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