Dear Rookie Interns…

Welcome to HOMTV! You are in for a challenging, yet exciting semester, and we are excited to welcome you aboard! I dedicated my first blog to this topic last semester, but here is some advice for you as you get started.

You may have to work long hours on weekdays. Or come in on weekends. Or both.
But don’t worry, that’s not every day, and everyone does that at one point or another. And when you do have to do this, you probably won’t be the only one there. Over the summer, a group of us actually brought in a pizza, and, as we worked, jammed to ’90s music (because we’re 90s kids).


If a source turns you down or won’t call you back, don’t give up
There have been times where I have had to call 20 different people (at least) before I got someone to talk to me. Don’t give up! Many times, the source that ends up saying “yes” is the best source you could have ask for.

Things happen when you’re live (or otherwise). Roll with the punches
This advice is for reporting interns in particular, but can be easily applied to every other track here at HOMTV. You may stumble over a word or two, or, in my case, forget your own name:

(I was so focused on getting the social media part right that I forgot to say my own name. Whoops…)

One of my former teachers would always say, when you make a mistake, be like a cat that tripped. Act like you meant to do it, and keep rolling. And when you make a mistake…

Find a way to laugh at yourself
Trust me, we’ve all been there in some way at one point or another.

Don’t be afraid to ask returners for help!
That’s part of what we’re here for! We were all rookies at one time, and are more than happy to help!


You get out what you put in
This internship can and will provide you with many exciting opportunities. I have been able to cover a press conference involving several prominent political leaders, see what it’s like to report on Election Night, and so much more. The internship can be time consuming, but stick with it, because everything I have learned, the experience I’ve gained, and the connections I’ve made so far here have been more valuable than I can describe.

Welcome to HOMTV. And you stay classy, Spring 2015 Rookie Interns.

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