Dinner with the homie

We were assigned “big homies” a few weeks ago, and mine is, drumroll please, Sierra Resovsky. She started out as an intern here this summer, and seems to have been working really hard ever since then to make her dreams-working in investigative reporting-come true.


Sierra and I randomly went to get Panera (duh) after the Township Board meeting on Tuesday. It was really nice to get to know her. I still don’t understand how she manages to do all that she does, and look so cute doing it! (Sierra, you have the best hair I’ve ever seen. It flows like a beautiful river.)

I mean, look at this beautiful tropical fish. Doesn’t she glow from within?

musk ox

I don’t know how she’s gonna mentor me to become a beautiful sunflower overnight, but I sure hope that happens.

And then there’s me.. I’m on the very bottom.


I’m really excited to get to know Sierra better, especially since she’s already been through this internship program. It’s great to know that someone else has made it through all this work, because as of right now, it’s literally exhausting.

I’m not complaining, though, because this is exactly what I signed up for. Hard work, and learning too! I can feel myself getting better with every turn.  I truly cannot WAIT to see where I am in a month.

Thanks, HOMTV!

xoxo, Gossip Girl

(Just kidding its really Julie)

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