Never Stop Improving

I’m about a month in to my internship at HOMTV and let me tell you, I’m learning a ton and meeting a bunch of cool people.

This semester, HOMTV is doing a mentoring system with little and big HOMies. I’ve never really had an inclination to be a part of the whole Greek life big/little thing, but it’s nice to have experienced interns who I know will be able to help me. I’m triple-teamed with Chris Ryan, Chance McBride and Richie Cozzolino. The four of us (plus Brett Kast) make up the HOMTV sports crew.

SportzI’m pretty sure the first impressions I’ve had of Chris, Chance and Richie stand true to their personalities.

Chris: To find our “HOMies,” the rookies read a quote and the higher-level interns finished it. Everyone’s went smoothly, except mine. There was a pause and Chris goes “I lost the quote, but I’m paired with you.” He proceeded to hand me a deflated Okemos High School football as a gift. Then asked for it back 15 minutes later.  Chris has helped me solve a bunch of tech problems, and I’ve learned to never, ever leave any form of social media logged in when he’s around.

Richie: Richie is always talking about how awkward he is, which is great because I think I can be pretty awkward sometimes, too. He’s also taking the capstone level journalism class (JRN 400 for all the MSU students out there) while reporting and working production for HOMTV. I respect his work ethic.

Chance: Chance had a mountain man beard when I met him. It was gone the next day. He immediately asked me what sports I know most about and would like to cover, and started suggesting story ideas. Chance is the producer of All Access Sports, so I’ll be working a lot with him.

In other news, I’ve been delving more into sports stories which is exciting. Last week, I covered the boys/girls doubleheader for Haslett basketball vs. DeWitt. It was a huge game Screenshot 2015-02-20 10.57.56with implications for a conference title.It was also the first time I’ve ever filmed a sporting event on my own. I felt honored to get this assignment in only my second week of doing stories.

Although news reporting is not my primary focus, I’m happy with how my story on the Haslett High School Black Student Union came out. It was awesome to interview students who have a mission to change their community.

I feel like my technical skills, namely editing and camera work, are improving each week. I’m also getting a lot more comfortable with being in front of the camera and working as a one-man band.

I’m excited to see my progress as I head into next week–fingers crossed I get a good game to cover!



About alextekip

I am a senior at Michigan State University pursing a degree in journalism with a focus on sports reporting. I currently work for Big Ten Network Student U, The MSU School of Journalism and HOMTV. I am a huge bookworm who loves baseball, Detroit and bike riding. Some of my specialities include telling bad jokes and eating cookies.
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