If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late… but not really, just read it

I can’t believe we’ve already been back for over a month!  It feels like just yesterday I was on here typing about what I was looking forward to the rest of the semester.

So far, I’ve only continued to learn and grow as a journalist.  I’ve hosted an episode of “Beyond the Badge”, and I’ve been able to anchor sports on “Meridian News Now”.  I still have a lot to learn, but that just comes with experience, which at HOMTV, I will get plenty of!

Looking back to last fall when I first started this internship, I knew nothing about the profession I was going into.  I can’t explain how much I have learned here at HOMTV.  There has been no better preparation for the real world than this.  I have learned ten times the amount here than I have at Michigan State.

It’s about that time that I’m also looking into plans for the summer… I applied for summer internships at WDIV-Local 4 and Fox 2, both stations in Detroit.  I went on a job shadow at Fox-2 over winter break and just made a trip on Friday to WDIV-Local 4.

Over the past month, Mitch Albom has been working on a story about my foundation for his “Heart of Detroit” segment on Local 4, and I was able to go in studio to talk about the story with Guy Gordan.  Right after we got off air, I turned in my resume and application for a summer internship… pretty good timing, right?!  You can check out the clip here http://m.clickondetroit.com/news/heart-of-detroit-the-jenny-kast-foundation/31382456.  I really need to work on that voice crack…

I’m also excited to say that I have a little here at HOMTV, Qing Zhang. I haven’t yet told me fraternity little bro he’s being replaced, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out sooner or later.  Qing has a lot of knowledge to bring to the team and I’m excited to see her grow and learn here at HOMTV!

I’m looking forward to what the rest of the semester has to offer here at HOMTV.

See you in a month!


About brettkast

I am a junior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Journalism with a specialization in Sports Reporting. I am currently a Reporter at HOMTV, and before that I worked at Impact 89FM Sports, a student run radio station as the Michigan State Baseball beat reporter and Co-Host of the baseball podcast. My dream is to become a Sports Reporter at a local news network and work my way up to ESPN.
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