Days Until Graduation-76

I reported live on HOMtv for the first time last Monday. I think someone made a huge mistake.


Most likely a clerical error..

Here’s a recap.

It was flawless. A perfect blend of boyish charm, manly confidence and stunning good looks. The people needed to know about the results of local high school swimming meets. And there was only one intern bold enough, dedicated enough to take their fantasies of live sports reporting on Meridian News Now and turn it into a reality.

That intern was Brett Kast on the first episode of News Now. Although last week, I think I did pretty well too.

Yes, Richie, the old production dog braved the slightly tilted stage and the blinding studio lights to provide the weekly five-minute sports segment. Aside from a couple stumbles, I think I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself. Although to be completely honest, the two times I stumbled over my words was because I looked directly at the studio lights before I started reading, and couldn’t see the teleprompter. I think I was squinting. The troubles of live reporting…

Anyway, moving on from the narcissistic introduction, HOMTV’s treating me as well as they can. They’re still allowing me to stumble into their offices at midnight on a Sunday to finish my assignments that have grown cobwebs from neglect. Metaphorical cobwebs, mind you. Everything’s digital now. The best conversations at HOMTV happen when you’re sleep deprived, talking to other interns about story ideas for the following week. There’s just something special about semi-conscious conversation that sparks creativity.

Otherwise, during my daytime shift the gears are still turning. I’ve gotten a little more confident about the technical aspect of show, in that i am technically now be considered competent enough to direct them myself. Once again, I don’t know who’s making these mistakes. But every Thursday on News Now Update and Tuesday nights for Township Board meetings, if you ever think  to yourself, “Wow, this episode has been pretty straightforward. No mistakes, no real hiccups,” you can thank Mr. Technical Director.

Which isn’t to say i’m comfortable calling the shots yet. I’m learning slowly that confidence  comes with competence, and people will listen to your calls as director if you give them a reason to. I make it a point to never truly be satisfied with my work. Anything I do can be better, or else I’d already have that dream job at NBC or eating bon-bons with Steve Burke. (I’ll send you my resume, Steve.)

It’s coming together. Slowly. Assuming my GPA doesn’t crash and burn in two months, I’ll be walking across a different stage with brighter lights for the world’s most expensive piece of paper.

Then it’s the real world. I don’t know where I’ll be going, but my goal until then is confidence in myself. This time, Richie, don’t look directly into the lights.

I’m learning.

This Studio Has Been Accident Free For 6 0 Days


About Richie Cozzolino

Riccardo (Richie) Cozzolino is a Michigan State University graduate with a Journalism degree and a specialization in broadcasting. He is from the Metro Detroit area and graduated from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in 2011. His love of Detroit sports (and sports of all kinds) sparked his interest in sports journalism. He is looking for jobs in sports broadcasting, especially in radio. Hobbies include learning and eating.
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