Entry Two

It has been a little over a month since my time at HOMTV began. And in that short span of time I have done the following:

  • Refreshed my memory on how to use camera and lighting equipment
  • Learned how to use a new audio board and how to operate a new prompter
    • (And, by new, I mean one I have not used before)
  • Learned how to set up for and film township board meetings and various other meetings held within the Meridian Municipal Building
  • Learned how to set up a studio for a show
  • Helped to remodel the studio
  • Learned how to write scripts for VOs, VO/SOTs, and VO/SOT/VOs
  • Learned a bit about Final Cut X and Adobe After Effects
  • Created 2 promos (I am currently working on a third and fourth)
  • Filmed roll-ins
  • Learned the art of storyboarding
  • And much more

As I continue to do these things I notice myself improving quickly, and I’m doubting my abilities less.

I don’t think I would be doing so well if it weren’t for the people around me. The staff is very supportive and encouraging. You can tell they believe in you, and they help you strive to be the better person and artist they know you can be. And my fellow interns do the same. We are all equals at HOMTV, we strive to help each other surmount our own expectations; and, so far, I don’t think I could have  asked for a better first internship experience. I am happy to know that I am still only at the beginning. And I look forward to keep moving forward.

A quick shout out to my Big HOMies: Molly O’Keeffe and Kiara Farrell-Starling.

Thank you two for helping me and being there to answer my questions.

And remember:

“No one has ever gotten fat…by eating too much kale.”

– Best big to little reveal quote ever!


About Chrystaline Decker

Chrystaline is a senior at Michigan State University studying media and information with a concentration in cinema, TV, and radio. Before becoming a promotions and marketing intern at HOMTV, she previously worked as an editor for the Graduate Women in Science’s MSU chapter. As an intern she looks forward to expanding her skill set, making connections, and gaining hands on experience in the television industry. She dreams of working in film and television, and has her eyes set on Disney and Marvel.
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