Lost Footage, No Sleep, and No Time to Stop at Starbucks

Hello Friends.

This past month has been very interesting. Let me share with you a tragic story about loss.

So between moving, my internship, and working my life has become pretty crazy. So much so, that I forget to do things; like let my footage import all the way before running off to shoot my next thing…

During the second week of getting story assignments I have to cover and event and get an interview for another story in the same day about an hour apart. So I go to the event, which is a luncheon btw, tons of fun, I talk to lots of people and grab three interviews. I pack up and leave and stop for lunch on the way back to HOMTV. I get there and of course intern computer 2 is the only computer with a card reader available. Many of you aren’t aware so I’ll just let you know that intern computer 2 is the slowest thing on earth and likes to malfunction a lot. Still I think to myself, “No big deal I just have to import my footage so I can go to my next thing, it can’t go wrong.” Well I was wrong, very wrong. The computer wanted to take FOREVER importing my footage and I only had about 25 minutes. So at first I tried waiting thinking it couldn’t possibly take as long as it said. Well it was taking that long and I needed to leave so me being a world class genius decided I’ll just stop this now and import everything when I come back.

So I go to my interview. Hmm I don’t have enough space!? So I search through the clips and delete ONE that just seemed like a bunch of repetitive shots I already had. Then I conduct the interview, which went well and was really fast and head right back to HOMTV. The same computer is open so I start all over and begin importing my footage again. So somewhere between deleting things, waiting forever, and chatting with everyone around me I managed to lose my most important footage from the luncheon. I was told that I never let the computer finish importing, but I swear I did! Either way it wasn’t there on Wednesday night when I needed it making for a great mid-week meltdown. All my footage wasn’t lost, so I did manage to turn something in, it just could have been way better had I not lost my footage.

So moral of the story is, don’t delete things, triple check to make sure your import really is complete, and avoid computer 2 whenever possible!

Also I just about never have time to sleep and I’m lucky if I have time to stop at Starbucks even twice a week. For those of you who know me very well know that those are the two things I love more than anything on earth, so living without them is torture.

Besides all that I am learning a lot. For those of you reading this without liking my reporter fan page and or at least watching one of my stories SHAME ON YOU!!! 😉 Go do that now, pleassssse!

Okay well I have to go. Until next time!

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