What A Month!

After a long month, I’m finally getting into the swing of things and getting used to my schedule. My semester at school has been pretty hectic, but these last few weeks at HOMtv have been great!

I got to direct and post-produce a show for the first time, which was episode #142 of Beyond the Badge! You can check it out here. There were a couple of slip-ups, but overall I had a great time and I think it turned out well! I feel a lot more confident about using the switcher now, and I’ve learned a lot about how programs are loaded and recorded. Quick shout-out to Aaron and Brett for being awesome to work with, and to Darkus for being my spirit animal/role model/go-to-gal for any and all questions.


Speaking of shout-outs, this is my little, Katie! She has been a great person to chat with and bounce ideas off of, and even though I’m supposed to be her “mentor,” I think she’s answered as many questions for me as she’s asked. She’s a hard worker and I love her enthusiasm! I’m looking forward to seeing her grow at HOMtv. (Thanks for taking this photo, Lil’! We’ll have to take another.)

Overall, I’m just so excited about how comfortable I’ve gotten here. You don’t really appreciate how much you’ve learned until you’re able to answer questions and help out others. I definitely still have questions of my own, but they’re mostly about the more advanced processes that I’m just curious to learn more about. I’ve learned so much here thus far. I’m taking an advanced directing class at Michigan State now and its awesome to get to showcase the skills that I’ve learned here, whether it’s directing, technical directing, using the audio board or anything of that nature!

In conclusion, here’s an adorable picture of my cat Tobias because he is the best.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 12.31.28 AM

Until next time!



About Mallory DuBose

Mallory DuBose is a senior at Michigan State University studying Media and Information. She enjoys traveling, television and playing lacrosse. After graduation, Mallory hopes to move to New York and dreams of working for NBC.
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