No Pain No Gain

Before I realized that, I have been working here for more than a month! Since it’s the week of Chinese New Year, it’s a good chance to do some summary for the past and set goals for the future.

I produced five news stories on topics from tree grant to multifamily complexes plan. Among them, three has video packages. After I did standup for all of the packages, I am more comfortable with doing that, but equally cold. I also acted as a reporter for the Meridian Township Environmental Committee meeting once. I was over nervous for the whole afternoon, so when it was the time for reporting at the evening, I felt more tired than excited. Should be nervous at the right time!

I like attending and reporting Environmental meetings, and I admire those who devoted themselves to protecting and improving the environment. I remembered interviewing Julie Powers, the director of Greater Lansing Housing Coalition. She said when doing housing designing, you should consider a lot of things, especially its impact on the environment. She suggests planning buildings near bus transits and commercial areas so that people could make full use of the public transportation and save energy.

I also remembered an interesting episode when I did a site view last week for a new dense community conception plan. It’s cold that day, so I asked the staff who introduced the project and accompanied me during the tour to stay in the car while I was shooting footages and doing standup outside. On our way back, our car was trapped into snow. The staff let me drive the car while he pushed the car from the back. Both of us were exhausted when we finally came out. It’s funny.

Reporting on a chilling day.

Reporting on a chilling day.

After I did the interview and site view, I rushed to school to join in a career fair in the Communications Arts and Sciences Department at MSU. I did the makeup and changed into business attire as soon as possible and talked to several employers from media industry. What impressed me most are the suggestions from a manager of a career planning company. He went through my resume and told me I should include what influence I brought to the companies I interned or worked, not just what I did. Result is more important and persuasive for employers. When I told him that I was always unconfident because of my cultural background (I come from China and my mother tongue is not English). He said one’s background doesn’t matter when he or she has a lot of good works. What you did is more significant than where you were from.

In all, after a month’s work, I became more familiar with the camera and proud of my works. I hope I can produce more good news stories for the audience!

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