Thoughts From the Anchor Chair

Warning: The following is a list of thoughts, random or otherwise, that I have had in the anchor chair the past three Meridian News Now’s. Enjoy!

“Meridian News Now…NOT Meridian Magazine…”

“Use your eyes? What the heck does that even mean? OH, she means don’t have your eyes as wide as saucer plates when you’re reading…”

“Did I really just stumble over the word ‘Proposal'”

“The one day I didn’t eat before I came in, I read the Chocolate Party story. Think we can get some of that in the studio? Or at least some crackers?”

“I wonder if I grew my hair out and grew a mustache if I could pull off a Ron Burgundy impression…I’d just have to work on the voice aspect.”

“I wonder how much of what I’m saying on the set before and after the show is heard in the control room. Not that it’s anything bad, it’s just…interesting…”

“Why do I have the McDonald’s Filet O’ Fish Commercial stuck in my head…?”

(You’re welcome)

And finally…

“I’m just waiting for the day that I spill this entire glass of water into my lap…”

What have we learned here today (and so far this semester)?

1) In all seriousness, there is A LOT of prep work that goes into making the show run smoothly. Each week, I’m in early helping edit scripts so the director has them and has adequate time to prepare before the show. It’s important to be on the same page!

2) I’m learning that I need to use my eyes a lot more. This will ensure that I don’t look like a deer in the headlights on camera!

3) It’s important to brand yourself on social media. When Brandie/anyone else around here says “People don’t know what you’re doing unless you tell them,” it’s absolutely true! This is why Amanda and I will always take a picture before the show, or while we are doing some sort of prep work.

And in the case of HOMTV’s Instagram, it’s why there is a pic of Amanda and I taking a pic

4) And most importantly…HAVE FUN!! It comes across on camera, and it makes everything better for you!

If you’re nervous about going on-air live, it’s natural! I still get nervous sometimes. But the more you do it, the better you will be.

You stay classy, Meridian Township and HOMTV Interns

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