We’ve officially had a week back from spring break and all of our interns are back working and haven’t missed a beat. This week we’re taking some time to highlight one intern who has been working especially hard.

Sooooo after much anticipation I’m happy to announce that the intern of the week is my fellow junior intern, Miguel Martinez-Valle!


Miguel is a senior at Michigan State graduating this May with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. You can learn more about his scholastic and work history by visiting his HOMTV page.

Some fun things you may not know about Miguel:

1) That sun-kissed complexion is all natural. Like your favorite guacamole ingredient, Miguel was imported from Mexico!

2) He genuinely believes his dog Mexi is human…

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 8.59.48 PM

Seriously the dog eats at the table….

3) Our favorite import also has an interest in other countries…in 7th grade he had an obsession with Greek mythology. Now he’s just obsessed with what instagram filter to use next.

4) Patience really isn’t one of his virtues…Miguel will most likely wikipedia a movie or television series before reaching the end.

5) The insta obsession is real…Miguel is known for Facebook messaging people to like a photo he posted.

6) Don’t be surprised if you hear the same phrases from Miguel. He says, “I often pick a monthly phrase or word and use it until it has no meaning.”  IE “Fun and Tan” “Literally” ” At the End of the day” ” thats stressing me out.”


The people that know to like his insta posts instantly…

Miguel’s Goals:

“I want to get a job as a news reporter and eventually work my way up to being an international news corespondent for a major national newscast. Ultimate end game is getting my own show and anchoring.” 

Miguel’s Favorite Story for HOMTV:

“My favorite story for HOMTV is the one I am currently working on regarding Adaptive Recreation and Adaptive Athletics at MSU. I think its one of the more challenging pieces I have done and i’m excited for the finished product.”  

….And what is Miguel’s favorite part about interning for HOMTV??

“My favorite part about HOMTV is really getting to know the community surrounding MSU. Most people that go to school just hang around and get to know East Lansing, by doing stories about Lansing and Meridian Township I have been able to meet people and participate in events I wouldn’t have otherwise known about.”  

If you haven’t had enough of Miguel (trust me this is the tip of the iceberg) follow him on his social media accounts and check out all of his work on HOMTV.

Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube



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