A Journey of Strength

Graduation is quickly approaching, a.k.a. I’m getting closer and closer to having to make a career decision for that first job that will likely set the framework for all other jobs to follow.

I’ve always known I wanted to pursue sports media in some way, shape or form. Throughout college, I’ve toyed with multiple career options that have utilized my strengths and allowed me to improve upon my weaknesses. Working at HOMTV has affirmed my strength to be the passion that drove me to journalism in the first place: writing and editing.

My favorite part of piecing together a story is writing my script. I love helping other reporters write their scripts and I don’t mind offering to edit, either. The written script provides the foundation for an entire story. Writing is a skill I believe to be undervalued in the broadcast journalism world.  If I can bring my script to life through video and voice, I will have fulfilled my job as a constantly improving storyteller.

Filming Okemos girls soccer practice for an upcoming story.

Filming Okemos girls soccer practice for an upcoming story.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to supplement my strength in writing with an improved skill set in video and audio editing, which I lacked proficiency in before arriving at HOMTV.  It’s been a fun journey for me to develop as a truly well-rounded reporter–and meeting other HOMies who wish to do the same.  There’s something refreshing about being around a group of people who truly want to see every member of a team succeed.

Reporting for HOMTV has been an exhausting, crazy and rewarding thrill ride so far. As I finish up my current story-a season preview for Okemos girls soccer-I can’t help but wonder what sort of adventures I’m in for next.

Until next time,



About alextekip

I am a senior at Michigan State University pursing a degree in journalism with a focus on sports reporting. I currently work for Big Ten Network Student U, The MSU School of Journalism and HOMTV. I am a huge bookworm who loves baseball, Detroit and bike riding. Some of my specialities include telling bad jokes and eating cookies.
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