Wait, the semester is already half over?

This semester has been my busiest one yet, but it’s also been the most fun I’ve ever had! I can’t even begin to tell you the crazy amount of information I’ve taken in since that chilly first day as an intern back in January. Just in this last month, I’ve learned how to really engage with people I’ve never met before, I’ve learned how to (sort of) animate, and I’ve learned that a 30 second promo is just about the most creative and fun kind of video to create. Most importantly, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s not time to be “jolly” (shoutout Brandon) and we really need to buckle down and focus on what’s important, but overall this field and career path is full of outgoing and energetic people who are here to do the work that needs to be done and take the most entertaining path to get there.


Township Board Meeting, 3/17/15

Besides all that I’m learning, I’m really happy to be making friends with people who have very similar aspirations in life. It’s so easy to collaborate and bounce ideas off of people who are really interested in what you’re working on because they’re in the same boat (shoutout to Julie and Alex for helping me write scripts). I really like waking up every day knowing that I’m going to work with awesome people.

Richie, Chrystaline, and I were at work pretty late.

Richie, Chrystaline, and I were at work pretty late.

This month, I’ve been making promos every week and I’m really finding my niche in the creative aspect of them. I love to tell a story, but getting to create one is something entirely different. When I’m not shooting roll-in’s, editing my promos or VO/SOT/VO’s, or helping with Meridian News Now, I’m getting more experience with my Directing and Technical Directing skills (shoutout to Brandon AGAIN for dealing with my “jolly”ness). It’s so rewarding to get to practice such an important piece of multi-camera production in a learning environment. Brandon, Darkus, Mallory, and Richie have all helped me out with learning how to make calls better and LOUDER and more accurately.

Bathroom selfies before a board meeting with Qing and Chrystaline.

Bathroom selfies before a board meeting with Qing and Chrystaline.

Mostly, I’m just shocked that I’ve made it this far into the semester and have been consistently producing great work both in class and at HOMTV. I’ve never felt more sure of myself. Check back next month to see what happens during April!

-Katie Gritz


About katiegritz

Katie is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Media and Information with a concentration in the TV, Cinema and Radio track, and a production intern with HOMTV. After graduation, Katie hopes to work for Disney as an editor. In her free time, Katie enjoys playing her guitar, swimming in oceans, and skiing on mountains. She is passionate about meeting new people, great food, and travel.
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