Basketball saves until the sun

Can you smell it?  Spring in the air?  Not quite, as I watch the snow flakes fall, but when a long winter fails to wane, nothing is better than putting on a basketball sweater.

Not only is your favorite Michigan State Spartans in the Final Four, but Michigan’s high school basketball playoffs was in full effect the past month, coming to a fantastic finish yesterday afternoon.  Maybe it’s still cold outside, but I’m not feeling it.

Not to mention, all these games have also led to jam-packed All Access Sports episodes. During MSU’s spring break, I found myself covering a playoff game or two a day to keep that dang doctor away.

Other than celebrating Spartan wins, the highlight of the month had to be this past week when I had the splendid opportunity to cover Muskegon vs. Lansing Everett in the state quarterfinals.  Muskegon, featuring Mr. Basketball of Michigan and Spartan commit Deyonta Davis, and Everett, led by four-star Oregon commit Trevor Manuel, drew a packed house and then some.

The game drew such appeal that hundreds and hundreds of eager fans were left empty-handed outside the ticket-box, as the game quickly sold out.  Color me more than fortunate, as I spent the game court-side filming the game.  What a job!

So, whether on the couch or on the court, basketball has kept me more than satisfied this March.

On a side note, I’ve recently taken up another indoor game first-hand.  Ping pong is a delight.

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