Entry Three: The Halfway Point

The interns at HOMTV have reached the halfway point of this semester. It really has been quite an adventure so far. And, as in all great adventure features, we have lost two treasured comrades along the way. The most recent of the two being Rachel Droze.  Rachel Droze Well, they’re not dead. They just moved and acquired new jobs. I am very happy for them, but I know we all have missed them in the short time they’ve been gone. They were good friends and great coworkers.

Another typical thing that happens in any great adventure feature is the presentation of new challenges. March seemed determined to bring them. I got cozy doing my promos and having everything go smoothly while doing them. But there were some instances where my actors were unable to make a shoot, or I wouldn’t be able to get a shot or a sound file I needed until the last possible minute. I stayed up late into the early morning hours a few times, but I have always came home at the end of the day proud of myself and my work. I managed to turn out three promos this month.

The Germinator: Germs Are Everywhere

Celebrate Downtown Okemos

Strike Out for a Cause

Strike Out for a Cause

The first features The Germinator teaching people how to prevent the spread of germs.

The second promotes the Celebrate Downtown Okemos event that will be held June 13.

Finally, the third promotes the Strike Out For A Cause fundraiser held at City Limits East, April 19.

Another challenge March presented was my first VO/SOT/VO assignment about the new test (M-STEP) replacing MEAP. Usually, these assignments shouldn’t be too difficult. But just about every person I asked was unable for an interview, didn’t feel they knew enough to be interviewed, or were fearful that something of consequence would happen to them if they talked about it. I may have managed to find someone to talk to this week, but I won’t know for sure until this Monday. It has been quite an interesting experience, and I feel like I’ve grown and learned a lot from it.

I have also begun to help manage and promote the brands Green Meridian on Facebook and Meridian Recycling on Twitter.

I would like to thank many people who have helped me this month. Darkus, Brandon, Brandie, and Coty for their guidance. Also Mallory, Katie, Aaron, Molly, Richie, and other interns who  have helped me and offered their advice.

It’s hard to believe that I have only one full month until graduation. I am very thankful for this internship, and for the knowledge and experience I have gained from it.


About Chrystaline Decker

Chrystaline is a senior at Michigan State University studying media and information with a concentration in cinema, TV, and radio. Before becoming a promotions and marketing intern at HOMTV, she previously worked as an editor for the Graduate Women in Science’s MSU chapter. As an intern she looks forward to expanding her skill set, making connections, and gaining hands on experience in the television industry. She dreams of working in film and television, and has her eyes set on Disney and Marvel.
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