Positive Thoughts

I’ve been stressing out lately, like major. But something I have been trying to focus on doing, is maintaining a good attitude despite the circumstance. There’s this idea that you can put your thoughts into drawers.

Every time you have a bad thought, place it in the bottom drawer of your mind. Reserve the top drawer for all the good things that you’ve got going in your life, and open it when you loose sight of those things.

I probably sound like a crazy person right now, but this method has honestly helped me so much with coping with the stress and anxiety that comes with juggling school, an internship, and life.

My mom gave me a great piece of advice the other day when I was super stressed out. She just said, “It’ll be okay, it has to be.” Funny how your mom can just turn your day around and make everything make sense again, but this notion really resonated with me. Everything will be okay, because if you believe it will be, it has to be.

Crazy stuff guys, but I encourage you all to try it. I know everyone is stressing about summer internships and jobs and graduating or figuring out your life, but don’t worry. You control whether or not something is going to bother you. Choose the silver lining!

Peace out my hippies,

Your fav Scorpio

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