What a Month of March

Where to begin? So much has happened this month for me, and there is much more to come! It’s crazy for me to think that my college career is coming to an end, but let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this month, and what’s to come.

My little, Qing Zhang, did a live report on Meridian News Now
At the beginning of the semester, the upper-level interns were paired with a rookie intern in order to help mentor them and help them grow in their position. Brett Kast and I were lucky enough to be paired with Qing Zhang, who recently did a live report on Meridian News Now. She was phenomenal, and I am thrilled to see how far she has come since the beginning of the semester. I look forward to seeing where she is at the end of the semester! You can follow her Twitter and Facebook pages to keep up to date with all things Meridian Township.

HOMTV Interns scored big at the MAB Foundation Student Broadcast Awards!
Rachel Droze (who is now an MMJ at WLUC in Marquette), Erica Francis, Amanda Chodnicki and I were honored to receive several awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation! Check it out!






HOMTV’s March Madness Bracket Challenge
That, let’s just say, isn’t going as well as I hoped for me. But I’m still having a blast with it, and we even get to discuss it (and trash talk) on Meridian News Now!



And, in closing…
I have applied for 60 jobs (as of today), and am hoping to hear back from some of them soon! Amanda, Rachel, Miguel Martinez-Valle and I, along with a few other students from the MSU School of Journalism, will be headed out to Las Vegas for the Broadcast Education Association Conference April 11-16th, but Meridian News Now will be in great hands that week with Sierra Resovsky and Brett Kast filling in! You’ll see updates from that trip in my next post, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, GO GREEN from your favorite co-anchors!!

You stay classy, Meridian Township.

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