January, February, Izzo, April

What a great time to be a Spartan!  Final Four!  Things could not be going better in the life of Brett.  Well, I guess cut out all the stress and add a couple zeros on to my bank account and that could be nice.  But regardless, things have been going great.

I’m really enjoying anchoring sports on Meridian magazine.  I grew up always watching ESPN and local news anchors, seeing how excited and eccentric they were, and I always dreamt it would one day be me.  I hope from this experience, I will be able to take a lot away from it and hopefully use it down the road in my career.

I also have been working on a Community Connection piece about an organization called “Art for Charlie”.  Doing this story has reaffirmed my decision to make journalism my major.  Stories such as this need to be told to the world.  I have had the privileged of knowing the Waller family for some time, and I am always amazed by their kindness and cohesiveness as a family.  They are some of the strongest, caring and most courageous people I know.

The foundation Art for Charlie was founded in honor of Charlie Waller, who passed away from a brain tumor in December 2013 at the age of 5.  You can check out their website at http://www.artforcharlie.com for more info, but other than that I would rather not spoil the piece for you!  Charlie’s father, John Waller, is a professor at MSU and is without a doubt the brightest and most intelligent person I have ever met.  The way in which he speaks is just so compelling.  He was able to tell me personal and deep stories, and was able to bring me to tears in a simple interview.  I can not wait to share their story with the world (or township, same thing).  I have never enjoyed working on a story more than I have enjoyed this one.  It brought me back to thinking about my own obstacles and my own experiences regarding this subject matter.  It’s families like the Wallers that inspire and spread kindness, and can put a smile on our faces despite all the tears.

I hope throughout my career I will be able to tell more stories like this, and will be able to inspire others through my work.


About brettkast

I am a junior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Journalism with a specialization in Sports Reporting. I am currently a Reporter at HOMTV, and before that I worked at Impact 89FM Sports, a student run radio station as the Michigan State Baseball beat reporter and Co-Host of the baseball podcast. My dream is to become a Sports Reporter at a local news network and work my way up to ESPN.
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