Never thought I would be an anchor

My feelings to anchors have gone through ups and downs.


When I was a little, I really admired those sitting in front of the camera and telling us the latest breaking news, professionally, and elegantly. I even learned from a talk show that female anchors are among the ideal people that rich men chose to marry (sounds attracting to a day-dreaming teenager girl like me).

But one thing did change my mind about the job. I once watched a documentary about a protest in China. When the aspiring students were fighting for democracy and freedom, one nationally famous anchor announced on the news that those students were riots. I felt sad for the protesters and felt disappointed of the anchor whom I had always admired. I realized anchors could not keep unbiased in a restricted news environment.

After I learned journalism and worked in American newsrooms, I knew better about the specific responsibilities of anchors, reporters and multi-task journalists here. Anchors not only need to look tidy and vigorous, but they have to have an outstanding ability to summarize information and deliver news and stories in a friendly and trustworthy way.

I did my first anchor for Meridian News Now on March 16th, which I think was not bad. I reported about “March is Reading Month”, including some reading activities going on in local book stores. I made the video package for it so I was familiar with the topic. And I read the script  a lot of times. Actually I read it so many times that another anchor had to remind me of the word “over-practicing.”

I didn’t feel nervous until I was live on the camera. My body became rigid and my voice shivering. Anyway, I held on to the last minute and finished my task. I hope I could be more loudly, and fluently next time because it sounds like I was unconfident and murmuring to myself.

April is approaching, with my graduation ceremony. I am excited about that but at the same time I feel a little stressful because there is still so much to learn and practice at HOMTV but the clock is ticking!

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