The REAL March Madness!

Whoever said senior year was a blow off year or a time to take it easy was probably NOT a broadcast journalist. As we approach the end of the year not only is there more to do, but it must all be done well.

In the month of March I took on two assignments unlike any I had worked on before. My first Business Batch story gave a fun behind the scenes look at a look gluten free kitchen With Out Wheat or WOW for short.

The second was my community connection piece, this was an opportunity to highlight someone in the community who was doing something special, I found Katie Feirer. She is an MSU student with a cerebral palsy and a love for sports. It was really fun doing some stories on her.

Apart from school and HOMTV my life has consisted of applying for jobs, working on my website and reel, and sending emails to potential employers. My biggest job hunt is happening starting tomorrow as I leave for Las Vegas for the week to intern at the NAB/ BEA conference with our very own Amanda Chodnicki. Aaron Jordan and April Jones will both be there among other HOMIES and it is not only going to be a great career opportunity, but i’m sure a wonderful time.

Make sure you check out my post-Vegas blog which should be up in two weeks. It will be a lot more fun than this one I promise. Now I need to finish editing so I can start packing.

Peace and Blessings,


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