Back again, to bring you another round of “Intern of the Week.” Again, this person is someone you’ve met once before in “Meet the Rookies” but now we will get to know her a little more. So without further ado, meet HOMTV Rookie Reporting intern, Camille McCombs.


Camille is a recent graduate from Central Michigan University, and thosimage7e Chips trained her well. Calm and cool in front of the camera you would never guess that Camille has a sarcastic edge that keeps everyone laughing. To read more about her background and past internships, check out Camille’s page on HOMTV.

So ladies and gents, want to know more about Camille besides the fact you can usually find a Starbucks glued to her hand?

Fun Facts about Camille

1. Camille lives a very active lifestyle! Her hobbies include sleeping, reading, and drinking coffee.

image92. Keep the woofs away from her, Camille prefers the company of felines over dogs.

3. To reitterate Camille’s love for being active, she says, “Laughing is my favorite form of exercise.”

4. Ask her who her favorite person on earth is and within .2 seconds she will tell you all about her love for her dad. She is a self proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl.”

5. But she likes other people too. Hence why interviewing is her favorite aspect of reporting.

6. Watch your hands when driving with her…this girl has an addiction for satellite radio.

7. This industry can be very tough. Camille accredits the support of her friends and family to help her get through anything. image3

8. We will eventually convert her to the right side…She says, “Living in Lansing is kind of like torture because I was born an raised a proud Michigan fan, Go Blue.”

9. Cyber stalk her and you are sure to find pinterest boards covered in quotes. This girl likes her inspirational words.

10. Maybe one day people will be quoting her. Camille wants to eventually return to school and get her masters in philosophy.


Camille’s Goals:

“I’m not sure. I hope to move around a little and get a chance to image13work as a reporter in a few different states before settling down somewhere nice and warm. I’d love to work for CNN, the Today’s Show or 60 minutes, but then again I’ve been pondering the idea of trying out sports reporting. I also hope my reporting career will help me accomplish one day opening and orphanage. So now clear set goals, but I just hope wherever I land in the reporting world I can make the best of it.”

Favorite Story:


“Its a tie between Ground Breaking Fire Station and Local Author John Kingston. Both Kingston and Fire Chief Fred Cowper remind me why I love this song working in this field.”

Favorite Part about Working for HOMTV: 


“All the experience you get. You’re working almost every day and can always always learn how to improve. Thy really want you to succeed here and I appreciate that!”

There’s so much more you could learn about Camille…to find out more follow her on her social media accounts and check out all of her work on HOMTV!

Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube

Who will be the next intern of the week?? Make sure to Facebook and tweet us your guess on Wednesday!


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