Its that time again. to bring you another round of “Intern of the Week.” 3 weeks in a row, and the rookies are really on a roll. So without further ado, meet HOMTV Rookie Reporting intern, the queen of HOMTV sports, Alex Tekip.


Alex Tekip is a senior at Michigan State University studying sports journalism. Prior to her making her debut on HOMTV she held a number of sports positions and recently was featured on our sports show All Access and hosted the sports report on our Meridian News Now program. Like I said before, Alex Tekip=HOMTV Sports Queen.

Fun Facts about Queen Alex

  1. Queenie’s favorite athletic activity is Baseball. Her favorite day of the year isn’t Christmas or her Birthday…its opening day. And one day she hopes to make it to all 30 major league ballparks.


    Queen Alex’s most loyal subjects.

  2. Alex doesn’t pick favorites when it comes to her loyal subjects. She has two dogs, a lab mix named Ruger and a border collie named Patton. They each have very unique personalities- Ruger is chill and Patton is super energetic- but she loves them both equally.
  3. She’s ready…She’s ready…to reference Spongebob anyway possible.
  4. The queen also possess a sweet tooth. If you ever need a favor just offer her a cookie in exchange.
  5. Not only can she quote Spongebob, but she also has the Billy Madison script pretty much memorized.
  6. Alex has never traveled west of Wisconsin, but will make the trek this May for the Association for Women in Sports Media national conference.
  7. The queen was born to love sports. Her backyard at home was turned into both a football and baseball field when she was younger.
  8. Her favorite place to be is on the porch of my cabin Up North with a good book.
  9. One of her favorite summer traditions is biking to 7-11 for Slurpees.
  10. Check this girls pockets and you will for sure find some lip balm.
  11. Her true love is puns and corny jokes.

Alex’s Goals: 

tigersFL“I would love to be a sports reporter in a role that involves both writing and video and live either in the Midwest or on the East Coast. Ideally, I would want my focus to be baseball or college sports. My dream is to cover a Detroit Tigers World Series championship. I graduate from Michigan State in three weeks so I’m nearing the point in my life where dreams are becoming closer to reality!”

Favorite Part of Working at HOMTV: 

“I came to HOMTV to learn how to improve my broadcast writing and BTNSoftballediting skills—my favorite part is not only seeing my personal growth, but making new friends with all the wonderful interns and seeing their growth as well. All the interns spend so much time at HOM that we’re like a small, dysfunctional, stressed-out family.”

Favorite Story: 

“I did two player profiles on a softball player from Okemos and another from Haslett. The girls and their coaches were genuinely hard-working people who were passionate about the sport. One of my favorite aspects of sports reporting is humaninterest stories—going beyond the game and learning more about an athlete. I truly enjoyed working on these stories and talking to the individuals I interviewed. I played softball for nine years growing up, so any opportunity I have to cover the game I love is one I will gladly take. “

There’s so much more you could learn about our reigning sports queen…to find out more follow her on her social media accounts and check out all of her work on HOMTV!

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Who will be the next intern of the week?? Make sure to Facebook and tweet us your guess on Wednesday!


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